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Are your children protected online? One wrong click can change a life. Protect your family with our internet filter. Pornography, cyber bullies, and online predators make the internet a dangerous place for young minds. We allow you to take control of your families internet access.

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  • Various reports to monitor usage.
  • Set up custom email alerts.
  • Choose from 70 categories to filter. Pornography, Drugs, Alcohol, Ads, etc.
  • Control access and set time limits.
  • Set up your own whitelist and blacklists.
  • Reduces the risk of viruses and malware.
  • Over 30 million websites already categorised.

Why us?

How are we different that other filtering solutions? We block your connections to websites before they even begin. Many other filters available work by running all traffic between you and a website through the filter. They then check all the text on the site for keywords which can slow down your internet.

However, as more and more websites are switching to secure encrypted websites, filters are no longer able to read any of the data between you and the website.
We do things differently by maintaining a list of over 30 million websites sorted into 70 categories. You pick the categories you want to block and our filter box is able to check every website you visit in an average of 2 milliseconds.

How it works

Protecting your family is easy. The filter box simply plugs in between your WiFi Router and your internet provider's modem.

If you do not have WiFi router we can provide you with a business grade WiFi router for $99.


The Family Plan

  • Up to 15 devices
  • Includes our filter box to protect all your devices.
  • Free professional installation.
  • $15/Month.

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The Business Plan

  • Minimum of 15 devices
  • Optional enterprise firewall to protect all your devices.
  • Free professional installation.
  • $12/Year per Computer.

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