Installing your Filter box

In this guide, we will go over how to install your new filter box. The filter box is a device which you plug into your internet connection between your ISP (Internet Service Provider) modem and your wireless router. Click here if you are interested in learning more or would like to sign up for one. Using this method all traffic will pass thought the filter box and no additional setup or apps are needed to be installed on your computers/phones to enable filtering.

Note: In some cases, internet providers are giving their customers an all in one WiFi enabled modem. If you have one of these you will need to purchase a WiFi router to be able to plug your filter box between the internet providers box and your WiFi router. Also, most providers can put their WiFi modems into what they call a "Bridged mode" which will disable the WiFi on their device; if you leave the WiFi enabled on thier Wifi modem then traffic will bypass the filter box.

Installation Steps:

  1. Open the box you received with your new filter box. We either mail this to you or you can pick it up when you sign up.
  2. In the box, you should find the filter box, a power adapter, and a network cable.
  3. Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet or power bar next to your internet provider's modem.
  4. Plug the other end of the power adapter into the back of the filter box. You should see a green light labelled PWR light up.
  5. Take the provided network cable and plug one end into a network jack on the back of your internet providers modem. Every modem is slightly different but it should be a port or a group of ports labelled 'LAN' or 'Network'.
  6. Plug the other end into the port on the filter box labelled 'Internet'.
  7. Next take a second network cable wich came with the WiFi router and unplug it from the internet providers modem if it is already plugged in.
  8. Take the second network cable and plug it in between the filter box and your WiFi router. It should be plugged into the port labelled 'Local Network' on the filter box and into a port labelled 'Internet' on your WiFi router.
  9. Make sure all three boxes are powered on and you should be ready to use your internet filter. To test if it is working visit our guide on how to test your internet filter here.

Once compleated your setup should look something like the following diagram:


Posted in Internet Filter on Jan 13, 2017