From the banks of the River Nile in Egypt grows the finest available cotton in the world. Egyptian cotton is rich in texture and softness with a lifespan of over 50 years, this is the best quality cotton available on the market. It ages like fine wine. The Cotton River Collection was deemed a necessary addition to Cedar Creek’s Range for its durability and quality. This collection is understated simple elegant opulence, it is reminiscent of the Pharonic Egyptians whose creations have lasted many centuries and lived in simple opulence.



Mama’ Love Collection is truly Nigerian in its conceptualisation. Inspired by Ankara and made using Ankara, a Nigerian printed fabric that can almost claim National Attire status, is worn by many women as a wrap-round skirt. The inspiration from the Ankara comes from the way mothers in Nigeria tend to use their “wrapper” to cover their children whilst they sleep. Mama’s Love Collection is a nostalgic take on the comfort of a mother’s love, warmth and security, everything that makes for a peaceful night’s sleep.



The Shimmer in Silk Collection is created to connect fashion trends with modern living. Silk is used to create this stylish range, the inspiration is drawn from the conventional use of silk, silk is commonly used to produce fine garments , this collection connects fashion and living literally, the collection is designed to translate fashion into garments not just for wearing but for living. Live stylishly, sleep stylishly!



The epitome of luxury, this collection is truly royal in every way. Velvet is used to create a magnificent collection fit for a king/queen . The Velvet Dreams Collection is pure opulence with its delicate feel and rich appearance its inspiration came from the royal houses of the middle and far east, where royals of old adorned themselves and environment with exquisite lush velvet, we bring to you that same luxury on a sheet, to stir the imagination.